Google beefs up search for TV ad platform


Google TV announced a new enhancement to its program targeting feature that will provide additional, relevant program targeting suggestions. Users can enter a keyword into the TV programs search field on the Target Campaign screen, and Google technology will provide suggested relevant TV programs based on all concepts related to the keyword.

“Our program targeting feature is search-based and enables you to target or block specific programs in your campaign schedules,” said Google TV Ads Associate Product Manager David Wurtz. “Simply enter a word into the search field, and we’ll provide suggested TV programs. Until this week, all search results were based on an exact match between your keyword and the program’s title, description, cast, genre, episode information, or network.”

The broad match results don’t just consider the words entered into the search field, but also consider other sets of words that are related to the keyword in order to determine which TV programs are relevant to you. For example, if you search for programs using the keyword "diapers", you may find a show titled "A Baby Story". Even though the word "diapers" doesn’t appear in the program description, the search technology understands that the search is related to things about babies, parenting, and more and will return TV programs relevant to these concepts.