Google Gives KENWOOD An AndroidAuto Boost


Earlier this month, KENWOOD USA revealed that future smartphones would require Android 9.0 OS to be compatible with KENWOOD multimedia receivers that feature Wireless Android Auto.

Guess what? Google is working with manufacturers to bring wireless compatibility to other devices.

Last month KENWOOD USA first announced that the wireless Android Auto feature built into its 2018 flagship multimedia receivers was active and compatible with select Android-based smartphones. The KENWOOD eXcelon Reference Series DNX995S and DDX9905S, as well as the KENWOOD eXcelon DMX905S and KENWOOD DNX875S and DDX9705S, allow the driver to leave the phone in a pocket or bag and still get the benefit of its feature set.

According to Google, its 9.0 devices aren’t alone — the company is working with several smartphone manufacturers to bring wireless compatibility to devices with Android 8.0 OS. Google adds that this compatibility will soon be available on select non-Google smartphones.

All KENWOOD multimedia receivers that support wireless Android Auto offer full compatibility and smartphone charging through a wired connection.