Google Integrates iHeart Into Smart Home and Smartwatch


The nation’s leading radio broadcasting company has integrated its App with Google’s newly released assistant-enabled hardware.

Concurrently, an integration with Android Wear 2.0 is now in place for iHeartRadio.

Thanks to a newly forged deal, iHeartRadio is integrated with Google’s new assistant-enabled hardware: Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, and Google Pixel Buds.

As a result, iHeartRadio users can now use voice commands to request live radio stations and control playback such as play, stop and skip.

The Google Home Mini and Google Home Max are the newest additions to the Google Home family and are powered by the Google Assistant. Google Home Max, shipping in December, is a stereo speaker that Google says “dynamically adapts to any environment, room configuration and ambient noise to produce the optimum sound experience at all times.”

Meanwhile, there’s now iHeartRadio integration with Android Wear 2.0.

This allows Android smartwatch wearers to tune into iHeartRadio’s Live Radio and custom Artist Radio stations “untethered.”