Google launches "Search Triggers" for TV ads


Google has updated its TV ads program to allow advertisers adjust ads based on online search trends. In a blog post, Google said it was launching a new tool called Search Triggers, which will allow advertisers to use national search data trends to decide how and when they deliver their TV ads. This is the first time that Google has linked its TV ads platform with its online search data, however, TV advertisers and media agencies have been using online search data to plan their campaigns for some time now.

“Suppose you own a business that sells grills. The summertime is when you generally run television advertising. But what if it’s a rainy weekend? By tapping into the power of search data, Search Triggers watches for real-time changes in the demand for terms you specify, such as ‘grills’ or ‘charcoal’,” said Jody Shapiro, Google TV Ads Product Manager.

Search Trigger is capable of adjusting the daily TV ad budget up and down based on the rise and decline of online searches based on the product they’re advertising. Previously, Google TV Ads let advertisers bid on a show’s inventory based on what the advertiser was selling. For instance, a cosmetics advertiser would be able to bid on a show that was known for showcasing makeovers.

Google TV Ads, launched in 2008, shows up as regular TV spots to viewers. Though Google had tried and failed with newspaper and radio ads (now a Wide Orbit product), it has stuck with Google TV Ads despite the slow start.