Google request approved for video services in Kansas City


GoogleThe Missouri Public Service Commission has granted Google Fiber Missouri LLC the authority to build a video service network along public rights of way. On 2/17, Google sought franchises to offer video service in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS. That, in addition to an ultra-fast Internet network Google began building in the cities 2/6.

The requests to state regulators indicate Google is mulling a potential Google TV offering. Also, Google filed an FCC application in December for a satellite receiving station license. That fueled speculation that it may be doing that to bundle Internet and TV services in that market. 

The application to the Kansas Corporation Commission cited Internet-based TV offerings to residences. That application remains pending; commissioners have 30 days from the 2/17 filing date to approve it, according to The Kansas City Business Journal.

A Google spokeswoman said 3/7 the company is exploring what product offerings will be available when it launches Google Fiber in Kansas City. She said the video franchise licenses were a necessary legal step, but the action doesn’t mean Google will or will not pursue video services in that market.