Google reups with MySpace for search, advertising


They’ve renewed and expanded their search and advertising relationship with a multi-year agreement where Google will continue to power Myspace search and search advertising and will also provide additional display ad services. The social entertainment site will continue participating in the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Ad Exchange as well.

Myspace also recently announced “Mashup with Facebook,” a new feature that allows Myspace users to create a personalized stream of entertainment content. With a one-click set-up, the likes and interests of a user’s Facebook profile are ported over to Myspace, enabling a user’s stream to become populated with their entertainment content. However, this deal will likely not benefit Google, as Facebook displays some outside webpages with in its Facebook search results—and it also uses Microsoft’s Bing Search to place web results at the bottom of the Facebook search results.

“We’re excited to deepen our partnership with one of the largest social Web properties in the world, Myspace,” said Henrique de Castro, Vice President of Global Media and Platforms at Google. “We’re pleased that our technology will benefit Myspace’s users on its newly redesigned site, and that Myspace has chosen our display advertising solution to increase its returns.”