Google Takes a Pass on Incentive Auction


GoogleGoogle now says it won’t bid on the spectrum that television broadcasters surrender in the upcoming auction.

But the company also didn’t take part in the FCC’s last big auction of wireless spectrum AWS-3 that ended a year ago.

By passing on the auction set to start later this year, Google joins Sprint, Charter Communications and other tech companies in sitting out the event.

Google told Reuters the company would pay attention to what happens in the auction, “like all those interested in improved connectivity and equitable access.

Experts believe Google may end up bidding anyway, according to Fierce Wireless. Other wireless firms like Verizon and AT&T are expected to take part and bid on the spectrum TV owners surrender, we’re reported. T-Mobile, Comcast, Dish Network, Columbia Capital and investor-backed Rama have indicated they will participate.

Cash-strapped Sprint has said it won’t participate and Charter said uncertainty surrounding its deal with Time Warner Cable and Bright House will likely preclude auction involvement, we’ve reported