Google takes AdWords to the TV for all users


Google said last week it’s opening up Google TV Ads to all US-based AdWords advertisers. The company made its TV ad system available to a limited number of beta testers last June. Google is offering the Google Ad Creation Marketplace, a directory of media professionals who can help create TV ads, reported Information Week.

Users can expect to pay anywhere from 100 to 1,000 dollars to create a TV ad, but for a limited time, Google says that it will cover the cost of creating a TV ad–up to two grand. To qualify for the reimbursement, advertisers must create their TV ads through the Google Ad Creation Marketplace and must air their ads by June 30. In addition, advertisers must run their campaign for a minimum of four consecutive weeks at a minimum average ad spend of 2,000 per week.

Buying the TV ad is done through Google’s AdWord campaign-planning interface. Users select which TV networks will broadcast the ad and when the ad will run.