Google thinking about droning the internet


GoogleWho needs a tower if you can fill the skies with unmanned aircraft and use them not to spy on your enemies but rather to provide internet connectivity? That’s what Google is thinking about doing.

According to a Forbes report, experimenting with this alternative method for delivering broadband is why Google acquired Titan Aerospace earlier in the year.
It is seeking permission to test in sparsely populated areas in New Mexico, a project that will require FCC approval.

The drones can remain in the air for extended periods of time, and can fly in a zone higher than that typically used by traditional aircraft but below the satellite zone.

It is seen as a way to provide internet services to areas currently off the grid, and while they’re at it, the drones will be able to monitor environmental conditions.

RBR-TVBR observation: Could this possibly inspire the government tp call off the incentive auction? Nahhhhhhhh — ain’t gonna happen.


  1. This is an updated version of old news. Years ago, there was talk about doing this using blimps instead of drones, as drones hadn’t been used for anything outside of military applications at the time.

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