Google TV ad platform adds Bloomberg TV


Google announced the Bloomberg Television network will make national cable ad time in the U.S. available through the Google TV Ads platform. By offering self-service buying opportunities through Google TV Ads, Google says the the network will expand its reach to a wider range of advertisers, including those that are new to the medium.

With the addition of Bloomberg inventory, advertisers using the Google TV Ads platform can not only reach the high-net-worth audience but can also gain access to viewership data at an unprecedented scale. Google’s TV Ads platform can report second-by-second data from millions of anonymized set-top-boxes, allowing advertisers to measure viewership of their ads more precisely than ever before. With this data, advertisers can better understand what consumers are responding to and make real-time adjustments to their campaigns to maximize the return on their TV ad investments. Google’s digital platform also makes it easier for advertisers to find relevant programming through its keyword search functionality.

With Google’s auction-based pricing system, advertisers only pay for impressions delivered to their ads, and they can receive integrated digital reporting within 24 hours. Bloomberg joins Google TV Ads’ list of inventory which also includes NBC Universal and DISH Network.