Google TV Ads adds SpotMixer technology


SpotMixer (, an online video advertising service of One True Media, announced Google has publicly launched the SpotMixer self-serve video ad creation solution within the Google TV Ads platform ( A free ad creation widget, developed jointly by Google TV Ads and SpotMixer, allows customers to create high-quality video ads for distribution through GoogleTV Ads. Businesses that previously could not access national television advertising are now able to place their ads on TV with lower risk, and they are seeing strong results.

Google TV Ads has offered this service to a subset of Beta advertisers since September. Based on positive response, Google has launched this do-it-yourself, free ad creation solution for any advertiser to access directly in their AdWords account when they create a TV campaign. SpotMixer’s innovative platform automatically converts an advertiser’s existing AdWords text ad into a tailored video ad within the advertiser’s AdWords account. The solution dynamically changes templates and content to ensure that each video is different and provides customers with easy options to further customize their ads.

Many of these early beta customers have already run successful Google TV Ads programs using their SpotMixer-created TV ads. These early successes not only underscore the expanded reach and measurable results that businesses are discovering with this new service, but they also point to the trend of businesses re-purposing assets they’ve already created, such as high-quality photography used on their Web site or audio from a radio ad, to produce a professional-looking television ad.

Corey Donovan, vice president of Marketing at Vibrant Technologies, an online seller of refurbished IT hardware, chose to use the SpotMixer ad creator service to save money and maintain complete control over the creative vision. Having the opportunity to create a free TV ad enabled Corey to take the plunge and launch a national TV campaign. He’s been advertising his custom-made commercial through Google TV Ads since October 2008 and has already seen results.

Customers can now run and track TV ads just as they do with other online ad campaigns. "I always wanted to try TV advertising, and Google TV Ads proved to be a great option," said Donovan. The one thing keeping him from trying TV advertising was the cost of producing an ad, and with SpotMixer’s unlimited editing features combined with Google TV Ads’ better targeting, unparalleled measurability and ease of use, those obstacles no longer exist.