Google unveils Google Radio Automation


Google unveiled at NAB Google Radio Automation, a new system built from scratch that adds to and works with its Google Audio Ads, which lets marketers create and manage campaigns; and AdSense for Audio, for stations that want to carry the ads.

Google Radio Automation combines the functions of Maestro and SS32 but offers an open software platform and a three-tier computing architecture.

The database tier is built around the industry-standard SQL database. A unique open interface allows other systems to exchange data with Google Radio Automation, control it or be controlled by it.

With an open API (application programming interface), Google Radio Automation can exchange data with other systems by letting them connect to the playlist engine, inventory engine and notification engine. Google Radio Automation supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The software has split the user interface up into mini-applications called widgets (a widget is a software program that performs a specific function). Widgets can be added, moved or removed from the screen at-will, allowing each user the ability to personalize their interface based on their individual needs and preferences. Developers can also create custom widgets for their system.

For example, the Stack Widget displays what’s on the air now and what’s coming up. Other widgets include the Library Widget; The Recording Widget; and the Hotkey Widget.