GOP Senate hopefuls team up on fund


Seven Republican candidates hoping to win a seat in the US Senate this November have banded together to form the U.S. Senate Victory Committee, a fund-raising operation that will assist the warchest efforts of all of them. All are in competitive states, and all are said to face primary contests.

The candidates, according to CQ Politics, are Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire); Roy Blunt (Missouri); Jane Norton (Colorado); Rob Portman (Ohio); Marco Rubio (Florida); Rob Simmons (Connecticut); and Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania).

Blunt is currently in the US House of Representatives, while Portman, Simmons and Toomey all have House stints on their resumes.

CQ believes that most of these candidates will survive their primaries and compete on into November. The most competitive intramurals featuring this group are expected in Florida and Connecticut.

RBR-TVBR observation: All seven of the states implicated by this group already figure to be hotly contested; indeed, most of them have been perennial battlegrounds of late. This is just another cache of cash being put together to be spent with the lucky broadcasters who operate in them.