Governors’ organizations raising cash at record paces


Both the Democratic Governors Association and the Republican Governors Association are bringing in plenty of cash to spend on the many races that are up for grabs this year. And the stakes are high: The winning candidates will participate in redistricting that will follow Census 2010.

RGA won the Q1 battle, pulling in $9M, with a cash on hand total of $31M

The DGA was $1M short of the RGA Q1 total at $1M, and has a $9M deficit on the cash on hand side with a total of $22M in the warchest.

Both sides are expressing great confidence as the 2010 contests get closer to full swing mode.

The Democrats say they are raising more than they ever have, and are completely used to working with less cash than the Republicans have. The Republicans says that the smart money is going its way this year and point to their 2009 wins in New Jersey and Virginia as evidence of strength.

RBR-TVBR observation: Battlegrounds abound in the gubernatorials this year, and this cash will be spent statewide in the areas where the competition is the hottest.