Gow gets The Sports Flash Radio Network


Gow Broadcasting, operator of Yahoo! Sports Radio in partnership with Yahoo! Sports, announced the recent acquisition of The Sports Flash Radio Network.

It was founded by Mike Sinnott and provides sports updates to affiliates across the country.  “We are very excited to join forces with Yahoo! Sports Radio as we see strong potential for growth by aligning with them,” said Sinnott, President of the Sports Flash Radio Network.  Sinnott will join the management team at Yahoo! Sports Radio, serving as Vice President, and responsible for the growth of the updates business.

In the past year, Gow has created a number of shows in collaboration with Yahoo! Sports, including the Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde show, the Fantasy Freaks show and the Geoff Ketchum show. Last month the network also announced a new show hosted by Marty Tirrell and Bob Ryan.