Gracenote’s New Aim: A Content Creation Boost For TV


Nielsen‘s ownership of Gracenote has seen many developments for a tool once the stuff of the music industry. Now, Gracenote is graciously asking Hollywood for its close-up.

Now available from Gracenote is Studio System Projects, an “enterprise-level collaboration and project management platform designed to help TV networks, Hollywood studios and other content creators streamline the development process and deliver more commercially and critically successful entertainment offerings.”

The projects are designed to allow internal teams to more efficiently manage the creation of TV shows and movies from story ideation through production and final release.

Specifically, Studio System Projects gives content creators “a secure, enterprise-grade platform to improve organization, collaboration and productivity.”

Nielsen notes that users can create their own custom project records to serve as a centralized store for all related documents and materials tied to the project; from script drafts, storyboards and concept art, to casting videos and detailed tracking notes. Additionally, users can attach talent to projects and track them as credits or participants. Through list building and sharing features, users can collaboratively select candidates and access full profile details, as well as talent representation information from the underlying Studio System database.

“The entertainment industry has lagged other industries in terms of access to integrated tools and data enabling better business decision-making and project management,” said Gracenote GM Simon Adams. “The next evolution of Studio System brings content creators a platform delivering much needed collaboration and workflow capabilities on top of the industry’s most trusted entertainment information database. By providing modern tools and a secure environment to replace disconnected solutions, Studio System Projects allows Hollywood to maximize creativity, accelerate development and produce that next big hit.”