Graham Joins In On Impressions Transition


NBCUniversal on Sept. 11 announced it is on board. On Wednesday morning (Sept. 18), Hearst Television followed suit, with CBS and ABC each signaling their OKs on making the move.

Now, Graham Media Group has joined the rapidly increasing group of broadcast TV station owners that will transact all future advertising business utilizing impressions-based currency.

The use of impressions, says Graham, will provide a common audience-measurement currency across all platforms — a move the TV station owner says “simplifies the assessment of cross-platform media campaigns.”

Additionally, like others making the shift, Graham says using impressions-based currency will ensure that all viewing and usage is being accounted for, “which the ratings-based currency has been unable to provide.”

Further, Graham says, the shift to impressions “will also smooth and expedite the utilization of Automated TV, which will alleviate the friction in the local buy/sell process allowing a more refined use of audience data in the future.”

Commenting on the move, Graham President/CEO Emily Barr said, “We provide a wide range of commercial offerings for our clients across television, digital, OTT and audio-assistant platforms. The ability to accurately measure all of these is critical for our clients.”

Graham VP/Sales Gary Macko added that the transition is a “long overdue opportunity to bring an improved value proposition to our advertisers. This change will create a level playing field for measurement, aligning audiences across all our platforms while providing our clients with brand safety and local premium content.”

Headquartered in Detroit at its WDIV-4, Graham Media Group’s broadcast TV stations also include fellow NBC affiliates KPRC-2 in Houston and WSLS-10 in Roanoke; ABC affiliate KSAT-12 in San Antonio; CBS affiliate WKMG-6 in Orlando; and Jacksonville combo WCWJ-17 (The CW Network affiliate) and unaffiliated WJXT-4.


Making An Impression On Decision-Making CMOs

With the new fall season about to start and excitement about ATSC 3.0’s future possibilities – including addressable advertising – there are many who believe broadcast television stands on the precipice of a grand transition. It’s a shift that begins, as Steve Lanzano sees it, with a wholesale shift in how TV is measured.

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