Great big day on the way for carryout services


How would you like it if you knew that there are 48 Million customers to be had on a certain day of the year? Know it! According to the National Restaurant Association, that is the number of Americans who will be ordering takeout on 2/5/12. The reason? Two words: Super Bowl. And 12 Million will stay at the restaurant to watch the game, making it a 60 Million customer day for those in the biz.

Chicken wings, pizza and snack foods are expected to be the most-sought-after items.

“Sporting events and great food go hand in hand, so it is no surprise that millions of Americans will incorporate restaurants into their plans for watching the professional football championship game this year,” said Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the Research and Knowledge Group for the National Restaurant Association. “When it comes to favorite game-watching foods, dips, chicken wings and pizza top the list. But, about 2 out of 5 individuals who plan to watch the big game say that healthful food items are a must on their table that day.”

Overall, 31% of all Super Bowl viewers will be eating some form of takeout, with the biggest windfalls coming from the youth group and from parents with children. 52% of 18-34s and 40% of parents will be in the market.

Here are the breakouts for food categories. The numbers represent the percentage who said the item is must-have.

* 69%: that salsa, dips or spreads
* 63%: chicken wings
* 61%: pizza
* 50%: desserts
* 49%: subs/sandwiches
* 42% healthy food items

RBR-TVBR observation: If we operated a restaurant, we’d be getting our name out there from now until the final two minute warning. If you can’t get a takeout service to advertise now, they aren’t likely to advertise ever.