Great ideas came from it


RAB’s SVP remembers the days before it was called networking and responds to RBR’s report and Jim Carnegie’s observation – RAB pressing groups to back conference Carnegie observation: Has been a trend over the years that many CEO’s sitting on the RAB board fly in, put on their blue ribbon have their rubber chicken lunch and depart like the wind.  

Hey pal, GOOD FOR YOU ! You sure are right when you note that one helluva lot of great ideas were generated over a scotch and soda…I know, I was on the original planning committee…the Amfac Hotel at DFW…I then was the chair a couple of years later.

As a manager, group manager and owner I got so many ideas that turned into $$$$ ! George and Sheila have planned a heck of a meeting….they no doubt are grateful for your support !!

Dick Rakovan
RAB, SVP/Stations