Great results for GoodRadio.TV


Dean Goodman’s GoodRadio.TV, which specialized in small market radio clusters in the Midwest, says his group is having a great year, despite what may be going on elsewhere in the radio business. He says the group’s net revenues improved 4.6% in Q2, and are up 4.4% YTD, compared to those same periods in 2007, and it had a gangbusters July, enjoying an 11.1% increase. And lest one think that the group bulked up its results through acquisitions that would not be the case – these are same station results. “The sales structure instituted in all markets and local content focus is now taking root and the team is doing an outstanding job in our core business,” said Goodman. “We look forward to opportunistically targeting additional stations in the not too distant future.” The group also scored investment backing from Verax Capital. GoodRadio.TV has 24 stations, an FM CP and a pending FM CP in Missouri and Iowa.

RBR/TVBR observation: Saga’s Ed Christian was talking about the small market advantage during his last conference call. For one thing, small marketers benefit from ducking under the latest down cycle on the national side – they can’t lose what they’ve never had. But the main thing, Christian said, is that there is no avoiding being part of the community, in close touch with clients and audience alike. We agree – we believe the more successfully radio stations can pretend that they are small mom and pop businesses – even stations in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago – the better they will do. It’s not just local, it’s local and engaged.