Greater Media Charlotte signs with vCreative PPO


Greater Media, Inc.Greater Media’s WBT-AM/FM and WLNK-FM have adopted vCreative PPO as their new production/continuity system in addition to their existing traffic, music scheduling, and automation systems.  The cloud-based PPO system will replace their “old-school” production orders with a cloud-based production or digital orders that can be submitted from virtually anywhere.

The vCreative PPO cloud-based continuity system was nothing new to Greater Media Charlotte Traffic Director, Billy Hall.  Hall says, “When I went from a market using vCreative to a market with old-school paper production orders, I could see frustrations and problems that don’t exist when vCreative PPO is involved.”

According to Hall, “When you use something this effective, it makes it very difficult to step backwards. To me, Greater Media teaming up with vCreative was a no brainer.”