Greater Media returns to Marketron


Marketron, provider of business software solutions and services for the media industry, announced its renewed and expanded relationship with Greater Media. Greater Media will replace its current traffic and billing system in its four largest markets with Mediascape, an open technology platform, traffic solution and services that drive new revenue, efficiency and improved performance across multiple mediums. RBR-TVBR spoke with Steve Minisini, Marketron CEO, and asked:

1. How did Marketron/Mediascape move the needle for Greater Media?
“Greater Media saw value in the Mediascape Platform, Traffic and Services as a mechanism for growing their radio and non-traditional revenue businesses.  With the Mediascape Platform and Services, they saw the opportunity to drive more revenue in local markets and digital, enable cross-platform and cross-media reporting across their different inventory types and open platform architecture enabling integration with existing and emerging solutions and industry standards.  With their return to Marketron Traffic, Greater Media is looking forward to providing their salespeople the ability to quickly enter orders, enabling traffic managers to more easily and flexibly manage scheduling and providing their markets reporting in a more timely manner.

Lastly, Marketron and Greater Media both saw an opportunity to use Marketron’s strong position in the industry to deploy solutions that will serve the entire radio industry – the combination of Marketron’s resources and investment in technology solutions and Greater Media’s vision to move the entire sector forward.”

2. How long will it take for the systems to be deployed across the four markets and which media properties/stations are in those markets?
The Marketron solution will be deployed over the first quarter of 2012; the teams are evaluating the best way to implement to maximize the benefit while minimizing disruption to the business.”

Mediascape combines an essential infrastructure, next generation traffic solution and suite of services on an integrated and open technology platform that is now easily available to media organizations of all sizes. The Mediascape program sets a new standard for the media industry and ensures that all Marketron customers are equipped to leverage highly engaged, local audiences and effectively compete for new and emerging advertising dollars. The unique capabilities provided by Mediascape improve the sector’s overall performance and attract accretive ad spend to the industry.

“Our company is dependent on being able to rapidly adapt to change and take advantage of new revenue opportunities, especially in the hyper-local, digital and mobile arenas,” said Peter Smyth, Chairman and CEO of Greater Media. “Marketron’s Mediascape will ensure our employees have the tools and flexibility to keep pace with the continued growth and opportunity in our industry.”