Greater Media stations join iHeartRadio (video)


Following the recent Cumulus announcement for its 570 stations, Greater Media’s 22 stations in Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Detroit and New Jersey will be also available on Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio platform beginning in April. 

The reasoning here for Greater Media’s move can be easily summed up in this Toyota video, below. Musician Kelly Clarkson selects Pandora from the dash of the 2012 Camry, but what’s also there as an option on the screen? iHeartRadio.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide our listeners with even greater access to our stations, anywhere they may be listening throughout the country, with this exciting platform,” said Greater Media CEO Peter Smyth.

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s a Battle for the Dash: As more and more streaming audio platforms show up on the dash of different car lines, radio wants to keep itself there as well, as consumers are gravitating to streaming audio. So far, iHeartRadio is in Toyota vehicles, via its Entune system: 2012 Tacoma, Camry and Prius V. Its BlackBerry app is also now compatible with Ford’s in-dash Sync system–most every model in the Ford and Lincoln-Mercury line (drivers can listen to iHeartRadio content and control playback via voice commands).

Pandora is still way in the lead for getting internet-only streaming into the dash, but iHeartRadio is the only game in town for broadcasters to add their signals to an existing platform—one that’s made at least some progress for getting radio stations streaming in the dash.

Eventually, though (as we’ve said) Pandora and others like Spotify may end up adding some radio groups as well. Every radio station that ends up in the dash will allow listeners to keep listening to their favorite stations wherever they drive. That’s value added to terrestrial broadcasters and their advertisers.
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: Coming soon from RBR/TVBR – Look for a focused/key Consumer Retail Report: Internet Radio, iHeart vs Pandora. One fact in RBR-TVBR consumer retail research findings – Pandora is not going to go away.

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