Green theme for appliance maker Bosch


Appliance manufacturer Bosch is extending its "green" marketing efforts with a new television campaign spotlighting the energy efficiency and quietness of its award-winning products. The ads depict Energy Star qualified Bosch appliances in beautiful natural locations, emphasizing how they help preserve the environment yet are silent enough to be incorporated into any space without disturbing even the most sensitive ears.
"Known for having the most energy efficient and quiet appliances on the market, these commercials enable us to communicate these attributes in an original and memorable manner," said Franz J. Bosshard, president and CEO.

In a 30-second spot entitled "Deer," a gentle Mendocino County Mule Deer comes upon Bosch's Nexxt Washer and Dryer in a lush forest setting. As an animal most sensitive to noise, the deer is not spooked by the ultra-quiet Bosch Nexxt Laundry – even while it is in operation.

In other 30-second spots named "Owl," an Eagle Owl soars majestically through a stunning red rock canyon towards a Bosch Evolution(TM) or Integra 800 Series dishwasher. The owl, the quietest bird in flight, lands on the equally quiet Bosch appliance.

Each commercial spot features a voiceover explaining the quietness and energy efficiency benefits of these specific Bosch appliances. Created by Santa Monica-based agency, Hamon & Associates, the commercials will begin airing this month on cable networks with high viewership among home improvers.