GreenStone’s Jim LaMarca on the 8/17 shutdown


We reported yesterday on the imminent GreenStone Media shutdown (8/7/07 RBR 153) and asked VP/Operations Jim LaMarca what was behind the problems the company faces, along with the fate of the female-targeted show hosts.

Said LaMarca: "We are working with other companies who may pick up one or more of the shows. We knew this was going to be a big challenge and we knew it would be hard to introduce a new talk format that (like all talk formats) takes 18 months or more to prove. We had some early adopters and we appreciate them but we didn't have enough FMs or enough large markets to generate critical mass.  It was expensive and a lot of work but we are proud of the programming and the evolution of the talent over the last year.  I hope others will keep trying to innovate and introducing new formats, shows and ideas, even when the obstacles are large. I know we're all glad we tried."