Grizzle's a Go in Georgia


There’s a brand new group coming into the Peach State, courtesy of Hubert S. Grizzle and no less than four trading partners. The result will be an eight station group called Go Media Group LLC, spread out in unrated portions of the southeast quadrant of the state. The northernmost are WHCG-AM & WBMZ-FM in Metter, which are coming from William Jimmy Page and his Radio Metter Inc. for 1.1M. The other six form a daisy chain superduopoly. Due south of Metter is Baxley, home to WUFE-AM & WBYZ-FM. This combo is coming from James Alvin Graham Sr.’s South Georgia Broadcasters Inc. for 4M. Due south of Baxley are a pair of FMs, WKUB-FM Blackshear and WWUF-FM Waycross, coming from Gentry T. Mattox’s Mattox Broadcasting Inc. for 2.375M. Finally, to the west are WOKA AM & FM Douglas, coming from Dwayne Gillis’s Coffee County Broadcasters Inc. for 4M. That works out to a total of 11.475M for three AMs and 5 FMs. The Baxley and Blackshear stations overlap all of the stations except those in Metter, while the Douglas combo and the Waycross FM do not overlap.