"Ground Zero" reappearing on KXL


Not long after blowing up its Portland Rocker KUFO-FM for the FM simulcast of News Radio KXL, Alpha Broadcasting announced Clyde Lewis, host of Ground Zero, is moving to 9pm-midnight on KXL on 4/11. His show revolves around the paranormal, para-political and the occult, and originating in Portland, has existed in various formats since April 1, 1995 and in 1999 was nationally syndicated. 

“I’ve seen the response to Clyde’s show over the years and am really excited to offer it nightly to our KXL listeners,” commented Brian Jennings, Alpha Broadcasting’s Director of Talk Programming.  “Clyde (pictured) is a unique personality with a perspective that quite simply is not heard anywhere else on the air.  Ironically one of his first syndicated stations was KXL and so he’s come full circle.  I’ve had letters from listeners as far away as England, Spain and Iceland requesting this show!”