Group takes platoon of AM CPs noncom


N/A KNFC-AM CP Santa Clara UT; KXIV-AM CP Middletown ID; KACE-AM CP Mequite NV; KBEV-AM CP Beaver UT; and AM CP Mililani Town HI. 100% of stock of Americast Media from Lavon Randall, E. Morgan Skinner, Lorna Bate-Skinner to Rockwell Educational Foundation Inc. (Lavon Randall, Lorna Bate-Skinner, R. Michael Bull, John Christian Barlow, Jeffrey B. Bate). Taking stations into the noncommercial sector via board resolution of Americast of 2/15/08. Also includes CP for another AM in Santa Clara UT. [FCC file date 3/4/13]