Group uses radio to push healthcare reform


The ongoing battle in Congress over health care continues to drive issues spending, the increasingly important portion of the political category that is not dependent on election cycles. The Campaign for America’s Future is using radio in select locations to pressure key legislators on the issue.

CAF’s campaign is aimed at Democrats, and urges them to overcome Republican efforts to block action and actually get something on the books.

The campaign is being run in five markets, three of which are very large and one of which his relatively small. The target list includes New York NY, Philadelphia PA, Detroit MI, Columbus OH and Charlottesville VA.

Some campaigns from ideologically-driven organizations have actually gone against members of the party they most closely identify with, on both sides. That does not appear to be the case this time.

“The advertisements are meant to inform and energize independents and rank-and-file Democratic supporters to push forward and encourage their Representatives to pass meaningful legislation during this Congressional session,” said CAF’s Roger Hickey. “President Obama has laid down an agenda for passage and engaged our country’s leaders. It is up to the Congress to move forward now!”