GSD&M powering massive HD Radio campaign


The HD Digital Radio Alliance and GSD&M’s Idea City announced a year-long radio campaign to convert consumer awareness of HD Radio (now at 77%) to intent to buy HD Radio receivers. Idea City will develop and produce the spots, which will run on Alliance members’ 700 stations. The value will exceed 230 million in the country’s Top 100 markets. The year-long campaign begins this month.

The ads — which prompt listeners to think about the value of buying a new HD Radio receiver — are voiced by Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Idea City came to the attention of the Alliance earlier this year when Idea City client BMW launched a national marketing campaign in partnership with the Alliance focused on its rollout of HD Radio units in their cars. Other Idea City radio clients include AT&T and Southwest Airlines.

The strategy highlights HD Radio as the replacement technology capable of delivering on consumers’ demands for improved quality and increased choice without paying a monthly fee. The initial creative features desperate voice messages to a guy from his old analog radio which is voiced by Tom Kenny. The old radio urges the guy to ignore the more compelling features and benefits of HD Radio. The spots highlight HD Radio retail partners and manufacturers.

The campaign brings total marketing value of HD Radio consumer campaigns to more than 680 million, one of the largest radio campaigns in history.