GSS, iBiquity Digital team on CAP-EAS messages in Detroit trial


GSS and HD Radio Broadcast Alert ReceiversGlobal Security Systems (GSS), systems integrator and service provider of GSSNet, ALERT FM and Alert Studio, and iBiquity Digital have joined to deliver a comprehensive Emergency Alert System that provides emergency audio and text content over analog FM and HD Radio System.

The system is currently installed and operational on two Greater Media HD Radio stations in Detroit—WCSX-FM and WMGC-FM.  According to Mike Kernen, Chief Engineer, Greater Media Detroit (see photo), “The combination of HD Radio Technology and capabilities provided by GSS offers the most complete alert and warning content in the broadcast radio environment.”

The system is Common Alert Protocol (CAP)- compatible and Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS)- compliant.  In addition, multi-channel HD Radio technology empowers emergency officials to potentially broadcast different languages using different channels during a crisis.

The HD Radio System permits comprehensive text messaging with actionable control information to be delivered over the HD Radio system, allowing a receiver to remain in “standby” mode — a reduced power state — until an alert activates that receiver.  Using GSS technology, complementary brief text messages can be provided by the ALERT FM RBDS-based system.

“For radio broadcasters, this technology provides a complete solution for conveying potentially lifesaving information, from origination to distribution Over-The Air (OTA),” said Robert Adams, President and CEO, GSS.

An alert message can be originated by Alert Studio and delivered from any applicable IPAWS (or other) alert depository to the radio station, via the GSSNet satellite data delivery system.  After satellite distribution, the audio and text message can be processed by an alert processor and then distributed to the analog FM system, HD Radio system, and ALERT FM RBDS-based system for broadcasting OTA.

On the receiver side, the alert messages are heard on analog FM and HD Radio receivers. Enabled HD Radio receivers can display comprehensive text, store it and further act on the provided content.