Gubernatorial candidate Ehrlich’s radio show challenged


Bob Ehrlich is the former Republican governor of Maryland. He would also like to be the next governor of Maryland, and has made his intentions known. He still has to get past incumbent Democrat Martin O’Malley, who is none too pleased that Erlich is still broadcasting a radio show every week.

The Bob and Kendel Ehrlich Show, which features former governor and his wife, airs Saturday mornings from 9AM-11AM.

The big News-Talker is owned by the Hearst Corporation and is co-owned in the Baltimore market with WIYY-FM and NBC WBAL-TV.

Democrats argue that every minute spent on the air by candidate Ehrlich should be considered a like-kind contribution to his campaign on the part of Hearst.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Democratic Party Chair Susan Turnbull said, “This pattern of behavior is one of skirting the rules and pure common sense. He is accepting thousands of dollars in airtime.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Every precedent we’ve seen, the most recent of which is J.D. Hayworth in Arizona, tells us that the only way Ehrlich is going to stay at WBAL in the immediate future is to withdraw from the campaign.

By the way, Ehrlich and Hayworth have another connection – both entered the US House of Representatives during the famed 1994 Contract with America Republican sweep engineered by Newt Gingrich.