Guten Tag: Ad-ID Added To WO Network Software


In a move designed to make it easier for national cable TV networks to collaborate with ad buyers, the WO Network software for managing network commercial operations has added the industry standard identifier for tagging commercials and other advertising content.

Now in the WideOrbit software is Ad-ID. This, WideOrbit says, will help cable networks track campaigns, and generate insights from metadata embedded in advertising assets.

The integration of Ad-ID lets WO Network customers view the metadata that a media buying agency has associated with an advertising execution. Upon receipt of an asset from the media buyer, information including advertiser name, commercial title, commercial length, and industry standard product categorization are instantly viewable in WO Network.

WideOrbit plans to make Ad-ID available to WO Network customers in the first half of 2019.

Ad-ID’s standard naming convention creates a unified workflow from media buyers to broadcasters, networks, radio and digital media companies. Ad-ID provides advertisers and media companies with visual verification of metadata that can be used for decisions like which ad copy version to run.

“Bringing Ad-ID into WO Network is an example of how WideOrbit is collaborating with solution providers to streamline our clients’ operations and enable them to directly connect connections to the advertising community,” said WideOrbit CEO Eric R. Mathewson. “Integrations like these help us remain true to our goal of making it easy for media companies to monetize their audiences.”

Ad-ID Executive Director Harold Geller added, “By adopting Ad-ID on behalf of its cable network clients, WideOrbit is showing leadership in fostering more accurate, more efficient systems that benefit users across the entire ad sales value chain. Eliminating manual processes with Ad-ID will encourage faster, more accurate communications that help cable networks strengthen relationships with ad buyers.”