Hallmark Channel books Jennifer Beals movie


You’ll have to wait until the next Christmas season, but Hallmark Channel is already trumpeting “The Night Before the Night Before Christmas,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie, which will premiere for the holiday season of 2010. The staring role has been filled by Jennifer Beals.

“The Night Before the Night Before Christmas” has begun production in Toronto for next year’s debut.

Here’s the plot: A family that’s too busy to get ready for the holidays until Santa Claus mistakenly leaves the North Pole a day early and crash lands on their roof, and it’s suddenly up to the family to help save Christmas. Angela Fox (Beals) and her husband, Wayne (Rick Roberts), are so busy juggling their busy careers – she’s a professional photographer and he’s an aviation executive – they haven’t gotten around to shopping or decorating for Christmas. And with Christmas two days away, their house is the only house in the neighborhood that isn’t decorated at all. Suddenly, after having a mid-flight accident, Santa Claus and his reindeer land with a thud on their roof. The Foxes decide to check on the commotion and think at first that he’s just a mall Santa, but with the help of their son, Toby, who still believes, they decide to play along to help Santa out. But he’s lost his memory and his magical bag and soon they realize they’ve got a true crisis on their hands – and that they better start helping Santa remember what’s he supposed to do so that the world doesn’t have to miss Christmas.

No less believable than many other Christmas favorites, so it should be good family fun.

“The Night Before the Night Before Christmas” is being produced by Muse Entertainment Productions. Michael Prupas, Rob Lee, James Orr, Jim Cruickshank and Joel S. Rice are the executive producers. Steve Solomos is the producer. James Orr is directing from a script by James Orr & Jim Cruickshank, based on an original concept by Rob Lee.