Hammer time


"What a bunch of sub-moronic imbeciles." That is what customer Mona Shaw thinks of Comcast after the cable giant allegedly: 1) missed a Monday appointment to install their triple-play cable/phone/Internet service; 2) finally showed up Wednesday and left without completing the job; and 3) cut off her service on Friday. Then on that Friday when she went with her husband to a local office to complain to the manager, they were kept waiting outside for two hours before being told that the manager had left for the day. According to the Washington Post, she came back Monday with a hammer and went about taking the local office apart until cuffed by the local police. She received a three-month suspended sentence for disorderly conduct, was fined 345 dollars and told to stay away from the Comcast office for a year – and she became a national hero to everybody who has ever been stood up by anyone in any service industry. Shaw then ordered phone service from Verizon.

TVBR observation: Comcast says according to their records, which they cannot share with anybody due to customer confidentiality, that the situation wasn’t as bad as Shaw described. But we had a friend back in the mid-80s who worked for a cable trade and eventually moved on to the NCTA press relations, and he spent almost all his time dealing with complaints about cable service. Our own personal relationship with cable companies over the years have had their ups and downs but have mostly been satisfactory. But you’d think they’d eventually get past this massive ongoing PR problem.