Hanes launches new Michael Jordan TV effort


Hanes’ second installment of humorous ads showcasing new men’s underwear products has basketball legend and longtime Hanes spokesman Michael Jordan revealing the latest Hanes comfort innovation, the men’s ComfortBlend collection.

The ad centers on a group of young men hanging out at home. Two of the friends notice the third’s unconventional undershirt, which prompts them to ask, “So dude, what’s up with the kittens?” The camera pans to their friend to reveal that he is wearing several white kittens as a shirt explaining, “they’re super soft.” In response, his friend simply suggests wearing a Hanes ComfortBlend undershirt which is “just as soft, but also an actual shirt.” Michael Jordan suddenly appears to settle the score by remarking, “Dude? Wow.” while shaking his head and walking away.

On the heels of the recent “Tags are annoying, so we got rid of them” ad campaign launched this spring, the campaign will run on high-profile sports programming such as Major League Baseball (TNT, ESPN, MLB Network) and on entertainment networks such as ABC, TBS, Comedy Central, Spike and SyFy. In addition to the TV spot, the campaign will also be supported on Hanes social channels through product sampling and streaming video.


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