Hannity signs co-syndication deal with ABC, Premiere


Looks like Premiere will get at least a big piece of the long-dreamed Limbaugh-Hannity afternoon bloc: Citadel’s ABC Radio Networks, CC Radio’s Premiere Radio Networks and Sean Hannity have signed a long-term co-syndication arrangement for The Sean Hannity Show. In fact, Premiere will have conservative radio icons all day, from Glenn Beck, starting at 9AM into Rush at noon.

Effective 12/28, ABCRN will continue syndicating the program on the big city, big coverage Citadel O&Os while Premiere Radio will syndicate the show on Clear Channel-owned stations as well as stations not owned by either company. National ad sales will be handled by Premiere, which will begin selling inventory for 2009 forward, effective immediately. Going forward, Premiere and ABC Radio will strategically join forces in special cases.

Under the new agreement, the show will continue to air on major market Citadel News/Talk stations (WABC-New York, KABC-Los Angeles, WLS-Chicago, WMAL-Washington, DC, WBAP-Dallas, WJR-Detroit, KSFO-San Francisco, KKOH-Reno, KVOR-Colorado Springs, KKOB-Albuquerque) as well as primary Clear Channel News/Talk stations (KFYI-Phoenix, WKRC-Cincinnati, KTRH-Houston, WPGB-Pittsburgh, WIOD-Miami/Fort Lauderdale, WFLA-Tampa, WTVN-Columbus, WLAC-Nashville). The program will continue to broadcast from 3 – 6 p.m. ET and originate from its flagship, WABC-New York.

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