Harris buys Spot Runner's Malibu Media platform


The online media exchange that simplifies the business of buying and selling TV ads will be added to The Harris ONE family of products that offer advanced media workflows for emerging content delivery business models. Over the next several months, Harris plans to transition the technology into its broadcast products to strengthen its software and systems for the managing, buying and selling of broadcast air time, with the selling point of improving media relationships in commercial buy-sell scenarios.

SpotRunner’s Malibu Media Platform was designed with input from hundreds of cable networks and ad agencies to enhance the relationships between buyers and sellers, while streamlining the deal-making process. 

Malibu enables cable networks, cable providers, satellite providers and stations to reach more buyers, sell more inventory and provide information to buyers across the life of a campaign.  For agencies and advertisers, the system provides opportunities to find inventory faster and more efficiently, while offering enhanced strategic insights to clients.  Harris also expects that Malibu will enhance advanced advertising processes for digital-out-of-home and advanced advertising models, including VOD and interactive advertising.