'Hawaii Five-0' hits No.1 in DVR play-back


Live Plus 7-Day Playback Boosts the Season’s Top Freshman Series By an Additional +3.23 Million Viewers, Its Largest Gain Since Week Two.

“The Mentalist” Ranks Third with an Additional +2.85 Million Viewers.

HAWAII FIVE-0 was the most played-back program of week seven as live plus 7-day playback boosted the season’s top freshman series by an additional +3.23 million viewers, according to Nielsen live plus 7-day results for the week ending Nov. 7.

The +3.23 million additional viewers was the most for HAWAII FIVE-0 since the second week of the season when it added +3.32 million viewers.

Including HAWAII FIVE-0, CBS had six of the week’s most played-back programs: THE MENTALIST (3) with +2.85m; CRIMINAL MINDS (6) with +2.46m; BLUE BLOODS (7) with +2.40m; CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (8) with +2.31m; and THE BIG BANG THEORY (9) adding +2.12m.

(source: CBS)