Hawaii television station changing hands


Kailua-Kona is on the west side of the big island of Hawaii, and it’s home to KLEI-DT. The station is heading from One Love Outreach Inc. to Mauna Kea Broadcasting in yet another deal typical of the 2010s in that it doesn’t involve any cash.

The buyer, headed by Christopher Racine, has agreed to assume all liabilities associated with the station in return for taking it over.

The seller is headed by David W. Tipton.

The deal sending KLEI to MKB is the third transaction filed in about three years, and not one of them involved a cash payment. OLO received the station as a donation from Pacific Christian Church on 1/6/10, and going back further, it was in turn donated by Newport Broadcasting Company pursuant to a 4/3/08 contract.

According to its website, the Channel 25 station is a key source for local emergency information. It programs material from Ion, including its children’s network Qubo alongside programs carried on Ion Life.

Racine has a 1/3 share of Mokopuni Television Company, owner and operator of KKAI-TV Kailua, and a 1/3 share of Ainae Company Ltd., which owns the CP for KDVE-FM, also of Kailua-Kona.