HD Digital Radio Alliance pushing consumers to “upgrade”


HD Radio is moving into a new phase, effective today. “We’ve really done a pretty good job creating awareness, meaning that people are now aware that HD Radio is there, they have some sense of what it is. There is a certain knowledge base that now exists. But the real challenge is converting that consumer awareness into intent to purchase,” says HD Digital Radio Alliance President and CEO Peter Ferrara. Beginning today, the Alliance is beginning a new campaign to convince consumers to “upgrade” to HD Radio. With some 70 million radios sold each year in the US, the effort is now focused on getting consumers to seek out HD Radio receivers when they make a receiver purchase. Of course, that 70 million includes lots of OEM receivers sold in vehicles. Some automakers have already announced plans to offer HD Radio products and efforts are continuing to have HD Radio receivers available in more and more models of new cars and trucks.

Spots with the new tag line “HD Radio – It’s Time to Upgrade” are now available at www.HDRadioAlliance.com. iBiquity will also be using the “upgrade” theme in its promotional materials for HD Radio.