New Hyundai Models Know How To Get HERE


The HD+ Traffic service available from the exclusive data partner of the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium (BTC) is heading to select models of 2017 Hyundai automobiles sold across North America.

HERE HD+ Traffic provides motorists with real-time traffic information by merging mapping and location technology with broadcast and connected vehicle electronic data platforms.

Specifically, the HERE tool utilizes the HD Radio broadcast of more than 160 stations in the BTC’s network of U.S. and Canadian markets by using a TPEG format in both connected and broadcast services. This makes possible “simple switching” – allowing for broadcast traffic to be used in major metropolitan areas where most traffic congestion occurs, as well as in rural areas.

BTC President Paul Brenner said, “Of all the radio industry discussions about a broadcaster automotive strategy, one of the best ways to help ourselves, strategically, is to play a role in helping the automakers bring their customers a unique, fresh and beneficial solution.”

BTC was formed to build a nationwide terrestrial broadcasting network to distribute local traffic and other map-related data via FM and HD Radio technology. Founding members include Beasley Broadcast Group; Bonneville International Corporation; Cox Radio; Emmis Communications; Entercom Communications Corp.; NPR and Radio One.

Originally founded in 2007 with eight broadcast groups contributing to the network, the BTC has grown to include 23 broadcast groups in the U.S. and Canada.