HD RADIO 2007, Polk Audio, JBL receivers


Polk Audio, JBL receivers to combine HD Radio with iPod dock. Polk Audio introducing second tabletop audio solution, the I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 which features integrated iPod dock and HD Radio. Apple is enabling HD digital radio’s ‘push to buy’ technology via its iTunes service.  This new "iTunes tagging" feature, found in select new HD radio devices with a special iPod dock, enables consumers to ‘tag’ a song by pushing a button. The next time the iPod is synced on iTunes, tagged songs are displayed and available for purchase.  The feature will be available first in devices from Polk and JBL.

JBL’s iHD is a compact desktop system featuring HD Radio and an iPod dock with iTunes tagging technology. JBL’s iHD also comes with multiple alarm settings, iPod navigation, clock, IR remote and other radio and alarm features.

I-Sonic ES2 will be available from select specialty retail stores, Apple stores and direct from PolkAudio.com in October 2007 for 499 dollars. 

RBR/TVBR observation: This is huge leg up for HD digital radio and the broadcasters who offer tagging-we hear so far 10 have committed to tagging and more are considering. The tag button has the potential to strengthen listener loyalty and HD digital radio is the first to offer it. Perhaps the radio will once again be the first place to look for new music? We asked how the encoding will work, and is it similar to PPM encoding? The answer is No.  They are not altering the audio component of the broadcast; TAG data is all in the UFID in the ID3 tag-which means it’s included in the data display of song title, station name, etc…