HD Radio Alliance announces 2011 marketing plans


The HD Radio Alliance member companies will continue their joint partnership, which includes with a new marketing effort for 2011. The estimated media value exceeds $110 million on more than 650 radio stations in the top 100 markets. Creative and strategic planning will continue to be consulted by Jacobs Media along with Kevyn Howard and the production team at CBS Radio.

The HD Radio Alliance also oversees the consumer information web site HDRadio.com where information on local HD Radio stations and formats are listed along with a detailed “Buyers Guide” outlining HD Radio device, retailers and automotive availability.

“2011 will bring some very exciting and perhaps surprising announcements that will be watershed events toward mass adoption,” said Peter Ferrara, President of the HD Radio Alliance. “It is rewarding to see the continued commitment on the part of the member radio companies to help assure that success.”