HD Radio Alliance to launch new consumer campaign


The HD Radio Alliance has a new marketing campaign. Q3 2009 advertising will showcase new portables. The HD Radio Alliance and 10 committed radio companies who broadcast with HD Radio technology will roll out the summer HD Radio campaign.

The new campaign finds Jean Luc Tuner, the soon to be infamous radio airwave explorer, discovering the beauty of upgrading to HD Radio technology – more stations for free. The commercials are light, fun and very informative explaining “if you don’t have an HD Radio, you’re not hearing HD Radio.” Follow the series… onward, radio explorer!

The new commercials will focus on consumer messaging (listen here: www.HDRadioAlliance.com) and later in the year the Alliance will advertise specific new portable devices for sale when they hit retail stores.

The campaign will begin on June 29 and run for 13 weeks on over 600 radio stations in the top 100 markets.