HD Radio launching Holiday campaign


The HD Radio Alliance, and the committed radio companies in HD Radio broadcasting, are launching a new holiday campaign on 11/2/09, running though the end of the year. The campaign will run commercials on over 600 radio stations in the top 100 markets promoting the benefits of HD Radio Technology, the devices and retailers.

The :30 second spots are direct, straightforward and informative explaining, “If you’re not GIVING an HD Radio receiver, they’re not hearing HD Radio broadcasts. It’s Time to Upgrade”. Listen to the commercials here: www.HDRadioAlliance.com .

This holiday season, broadcasters will support retailers and device manufactures with radio advertising. The retailers and iBiquity Digital are facilitating in-store point-of-sale materials and other advertising to maximize the effort.  Consumers will get information on the radio, online and in stores to help them upgrade to HD Radio Technology (see PDF attached at the top right of this page for HD Radio holiday marketing examples).

Consumers can visit www.HDRadio.com to check out HD Radio deals for savings programs on pricing and shipping, and locate the HD Radio Buyers Guide containing info on all HD Radio devices. Consumers will also find the local market-specific HD Radio Station Guides at the site.