HD Radio multicasts to add spots in 2008


iBiquity CEO Bob Struble told attendees at the Interep Radio Symposium yesterday he expects HD Digital Radio Alliance stations to begin to introduce various forms of advertising on HD multicast channels early next year. As has been speculated, not all will use the traditional spot method. Some multicast channels may have sponsorship hours; some may be brokered out or branded ("The Starbucks Channel" or "Circuit City Channel") to start pulling ROI.

"HD multicast networks" where new formats targeting narrow demos might be offered across multiple markets as well.

Other ways to monetize HD include Conditional Access, which Broadcast Electronics is spearheading with new gear and advertising via program associated data. As well, there are plenty of digital and texting options. For example, Clear Channel is creating a digital specialized traffic reporting service that it expects to sell for five bucks a month.

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