HD Radio wins iLounge's Next Generation Poll


HD Radio has won the iLounge Poll entitled “Which of the Following Next-Gen Add-On Features Most Interests You?” 

Readers could pick from features including HD Radio, iPod remote + mic, a joypad/controller, a plug-in keyboard, and a larger screen, choose to vote for some other feature, or say they were satisfied as-is.

Receiving more than a quarter of the vote — 28% — most readers said they were most interested in HD Radio, followed by larger screens with 22%. The next four responses were tightly contested with only four percentage points separating the options. 14% of respondents said they were interested in iPod remote + mic add-ons, 11% expressed interest in some other feature, an equal amount said they were satisfied as-is, while 10% said they were interested in a plug-in keyboard. Only 5% of respondents said they were interested in a joypad or controller add-on, suggesting that most must be at least “okay” with the gaming controls currently offered by Apple’s iPods and iPhones.