HDTV catching on


A quarter of US households are now in possession of at least one high definition television set, according to a new study from Frank N. Magid Associates. That’s up from 20% penetration as of September 2007, a 25% increase. 5.5M purchases, in time for the holidays and/or the Super Bowl, fueled to jump to 28M total households.

Perhaps more importantly, a more representative slice of the US population is joining with early adopters in the HDTV revolution. And those that have one are already starting to upgrade the secondary sets in the house.
Magid says the Olympics will help fuel further HDTV sales, with 24% of those still using analog saying they’ll be looking to upgrade before the games kick off later this summer.

RBR/TVBR observation: Increased public education plus the coincidental onset of the NFL regular season and the MLB postseason ought to fuel another major spike. Add in a further holiday spike and we should be well on our way to a successful conversion.