Head of steam building for radio digital app


Mobile_PhoneAlpha Media and Salem Broadcasting properties in Portland OR and Cumulus Radio properties in Indianapolis are said to have brought in extra cash this year thanks to an app developed by Clip Interactive.

Clip says the trio has brought in $1M so far this year, thanks to its interactive station apps, and adds that it is bringing both new clients to the stations and causing clients that departed for digital platforms to return. It further claims it is capable of bringing in its first $100K of new revenue within 30-45 days of its launch.

The service is designed for radio heard over mobile devices. Clip said it not only proves that radio advertising still works, but also that it can be enhanced under the new conditions of the digital age.

“We are now able to attract advertisers that had previously abandoned the medium for alternative digital solutions,” said Bob Proffitt, president and CEO of Alpha Media. “Through the Clip Radio-powered apps, we are able to build a stronger relationship with both our listeners and our advertisers, providing both groups with compelling content that they cannot find anywhere else. We are eager to expand our interactive radio capabilities to our other Alpha Media markets.”

Clip says that with the use of its technology, “…the broadcast becomes interactive and the user base can scale dramatically, as all Clip Interactive applications are accessible through every wireless carrier on all iOS and Android mobile devices. Thus, the growth potential is immediate and limitless, there is no waiting for carriers or handset manufactures to adopt or approve the technology.”